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A disturbing answer from Googles invalid clicks inspectors

| ‎22-07-2014 03:46 AM

Hi Guys,


2 weeks ago I was asking Google to give me some adwords credit back because I was seeing clicks from IPs that were previously added to the campaign IP exclusion list. I was actually asking 2 questions:

1. Why these IPs are able to see and click my ads?

2. Am I being charged upon these clicks?


Googles answer is very disturbing to my opinion and I would really like to hear your thoughts about it.

Google says that:

1. There are cases where a search is made with with IP 'A' (which was not excluded) and then the click is made with IP 'B', which is excluded but Google has no control over it.

2. You are charged upon these clicks unless we detect these clicks as fraudulent. The fact that you have blocked an IP and that a click is made with this IP is irrelevent becase the search that led to this click is done with a different IP.


Can we, as advertisers, accept these answers?  That actualy means that if I limit my ads to a certain area, there is a chance I will get clicks from different areas and google will use the same explanation. More over, that actually says that the exclusion list is worthless. I think that cases where an IP changes between the search and actuall ad click are 100% fraudulent (or invalid) and has to be treated as fraudulent. 


Any thoughts?

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Re: A disturbing answer from Googles invalid clicks inspectors

Reply to Josh S
| ‎22-07-2014 08:22 AM
Hi Josh,

Just wanted to chime in.

So it is technically possible for this scenario to happen. IP exclusion is query-based, and IPs can actually change as a user browses, so it could happen that a user searches with an IP that isn't excluded, they see the ad, their IP changes to an excluded IP, then they click on the ad.

I don't expect this scenario to happen a lot. More often than not, there are issues with how your weblogs are reporting clicks if they're showing clicks from a lot of excluded IP addresses. All that said, are you see a lot of clicks from these excluded IPs?
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Re: A disturbing answer from Googles invalid clicks inspectors

Reply to CocoP
| ‎29-07-2014 07:32 AM
Yes, I do see a ot of clicks from exluded IPs. And it is not just me. My clients are having the same issues, each checking with his own 3rd party analytics tool.

The one thing that is not clear to me is why would google charge clicks made by a banned IP?
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Re: A disturbing answer from Googles invalid clicks inspectors

Reply to Josh S
| ‎05-08-2014 11:51 AM
Hi Josh,

I really wouldn't expect you to be seeing a lot of these excluded IPs accounting for your clicks. I'm going to have a member of our team reach out to you so we can get the reports where you're seeing this and send them along to our invalid clicks team for further investigation.
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