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End of week wrap up

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| ‎18-05-2012 04:31 PM
Last edited 18-05-2012 04:35 PM by Eric

Hello AdWords Community,


I hope you had a great week. A few things I wanted to mention that we are quite excited about.


  • three more great articles in the Wiki section by NehaGupta, PPCBossman and ScottD;
  • a popular discussion about advertising for the Travel industry. This has been reshared a number of times by Bloggers;
  • an attempt to "pimp the site" a little with the palm trees and beach picture, to see if this works;
  • the "Top Starred authors" section has been moved to the left side so all "people" modules are together;
  • the "New Message" button is now available on the home page and in every Thread to facilitate new questions;
  • we have seen quite a lot of advertisers coming with account suspension problems and the response is always the same unfortunately: be super familiar with the policies before you start and if you get suspended, there is really nothing this Community can do;
  • over a hundred advertisers have found satisfactory answers to their AdWords related questions and many thousands have read the excellent advice that you are all providing. United we stand, divided we fall.

Have a great week end,





Yes, I work at Google. I want all AdWords Advertisers to be happy and prosperous
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Re: End of week wrap up

Reply to Eric
| ‎19-05-2012 12:13 AM

Many activities Eric, Good community.

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Re: End of week wrap up

Reply to Eric
| ‎19-05-2012 08:12 AM

Thanks for the update, Eric!

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