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workflow /schem for on line advertising

| ‎21-05-2012 04:33 PM

Google has posted in its Small Business official Blog a 5 step scheme / workflow for online advertising.:Measuring what matters for your small business

I would be nice to hear, if agencies go through this rigorous process, when setting a new account / campaign for a new client.




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Re: workflow /schem for on line advertising

Reply to MosheTLV
| ‎21-05-2012 05:14 PM

Frankly, what they've written is VERY geared to SMB's. Using CTR's as a "KPI" should only be done UNTIL you can measure actual leads / in-store walkins / revenue generated.


We typically ask these questions in our sales / qualification process. (It's amazing how many serious advertisers haven't quantified this question!) Any serious adwords advertiser MUST have revenue metrics down in order to be around in the next couple of years, as the space gets more competitive.

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Re: workflow /schem for on line advertising

Reply to MosheTLV
| ‎21-05-2012 11:25 PM

How often does theory actually represent practice?


I'm on your site right now, filling out your contact form. You get the email that says:


How much do you charge?


How do you turn that initial query into "Measuring what matters for your small business"?




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Re: workflow /schem for on line advertising

Reply to tomhalejr
| ‎22-05-2012 01:48 AM


Point #3 & 4 are very hard to track if you are not running e-com. I normally use a CRM linked with contact form and adwords (in many cases SugarCRM) and try to get sales and front desk guys to actually fill up infor for each lead after they call up. But still its very hard to actually track conversions and feedbacks to 100%. But it does give fair amount of data to work with. But here are some points

1. How many businesses can afford a CRM

2. How many actually have will power to use it

3. What about businesses which actually use the CRM but which cant be linked to their websites or adwords? (some access based offline CRMs or other CRMs which are web based but cant be connected to adwords)




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