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In the AdWords Community, every user gets a rank that shows how much they've contributed to the community.

What are the ranks?

1.   New Visitor
2.   Returning Visitor
3.   Occasional Visitor
4.   Regular Visitor
5.   Visiting Member
6.   Level 1
7.   Level 2
8.   Level 3
9.   Level 4
10.   Level 5
11.   Level 6
12.   Level 7
13.   Level 8
14.   Level 9
15.   Level 10
16.   Level 11
17.   Level 12
18.   Level 13
19.   Level 14
20.   Level 15
21.   Level 16
22.   Level 17
23.   Level 18
24.   Level 19
25.   Level 20

How do I move up the ranks?

If you're new to the community, you'll start out with a "New Visitor" rank. As you spend more time with the community, engage in positive conversations, create helpful posts, and help out other members, you'll automatically move up in rank.

How can I see my rank?

You can see your rank by going to your profile page. Your rank will appear right under your username. If you're signed in, you'll also be able to see your current rank on the left side of the page while in the AdWords Community.

Special ranks

In addition to the ranks mentioned above, you may notice that some community members have the following ranks:

  • • Top Contributor
  • • Community Manager
  • • Google Employee

The last two are reserved for Google employees, while the "Top Contributor" rank is given out to our most-esteemed AdWords experts and long-time members of the AdWords Community. Learn more about our Top Contributors.

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