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Meet our Google AdWords Top Contributors

The AdWords Top Contributors ("TCs") are AdWords experts and the most-esteemed AdWords Community members. They are ready to help anyone on the Community with their advice and guidance. The TCs are not Google employees. Most of them are Google Partners. They're consistently active, helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. The AdWords Top Contributors are from around the world, offering their expertise and their unique perspective to successful online marketing conversations. You may also contact the TCs directly about their professional services.

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Jon Gritton

TC_badge__2012 TC_badge__2012 certified_parter_logo certified_parter_logo

I specialise in Adwords management and consultancy; everything from small business start-ups to large corporate accounts. I've been using Adwords for over ten years now and have been a Top Contributor for Google for the past six.

Advertiser since 2002, TC since 2006
Expert in campaign optimizations

Pete Bardo

TC_badge__2012 TC_badge__2012 certified_parter_logo certified_parter_logo

I found that in researching the answers to questions on the forum, my learning curve on AdWords was accelerated. It was a surprise, and an honor, to be invited to the Top Contributor group. I don't do AdWords for any clients, only for my boss. But I don't mind taking a couple minutes here and there to help make sense (or cents).

Advertiser since 2002, TC since 2008
Expert in Google Analytics

Theresa Zook

TC_badge__2012 TC_badge__2012 certified_parter_logo certified_parter_logo

I've been online since 1994, have always been a big fan of user-to-user forums, and believe this one is an incredible resource for AdWords advertisers. I visit it to answer questions and to read others' questions and answers to improve my own knowledge. Google AdWords Certification

Advertiser since 2008, TC since 2009
Expert in conversion tracking, campaign optimizations

Jack Porter Smith


I have been solving PPC problems and building campaigns since early 2006. I stumbled across the forum over three years ago and becoming a Top Contributor in 2009 was a great privilege for me; so please feel free to ask any questions and if I can't answer, I'm sure one of the other guys can help! Helping & learning is what it's all about here.

Advertiser since 2008, TC since 2009
Expert in conversion tracking, campaign optimizations

Calin Sandici

TC_badge__2012 TC_badge__2012 certified_parter_logo

I remember the traffic source that landed me here, but I don't remember exactly the reason. Now, a few months further down the road, I know at least some of the reasons behind my visitor loyalty and recency. The knowledge, the fun, and the satisfaction. The huge knowledge I can absorb, and the little knowledge I can share. The fun and satisfaction in solving problems.

Advertiser since 2008, TC since 2010
Expert in conversion tracking, campaign optimizations

Moshe Avichai

TC_badge__2012 TC_badge__2012 TC_badge_2011

I am an engineer, who has been attracted to the similarity between AdWords concepts and engineering logic. It is said that "God is in the details", I see the same in AdWords. The core principles for successful AdWords campaigns that I follow are: setting clear goals, and looking carefully at the details. Google AdWords Certification

Advertiser since 2008, TC since 2011
Expert in Search and Display networks, Global campaigns, Policy issues, Account auditing.

Pankaj Sabharwal

TC_badge__2012 TC_badge__2012

I found Adwords forum a few years back and posted some questions to see whether it works or not. Very soon I realized the potential of learning curve from basics to the advanced level of Adwords and at the same time providing assistance to other advertisers on the Community. I enjoy reading what others have posted to enhance my knowledge. In my spare time, I like to explore hilly areas with my family.

Advertiser since 2008, TC since 2012
Expert in conversion tracking, campaign optimizations

Scott Dunroe
TC_badge__2012 TC_badge__2012

After taking an interest in AdSense from an early age I soon got involved in the world of AdWords shortly after graduating from college.After working for an international agency, as a freelancer and self employed I am now sharing this acquired knowledge as a Top Contributor with the AdWords community.

Advertiser since 2008, TC since 2012
Expert in campaign creation and optimization

Tommy Sands

TC_badge__2012 TC_badge__2012

It was at the intersection of creativity and analytical thought where my passion for AdWords was realized in 2008. I was immediately drawn to the unique challenges that AdWords provided me and still to this day, I enjoy it just the same. Having gained a significant portion of my knowledge from reading and posting in forums, I hope, that my contributions here, in the AdWords Community, will help others as well.

Advertiser since 2008, TC since 2012
Expert in Search, Display and Remarketing campaign creation and optimization

Adam Briggs

I have been working in the online space for over 15 years and helped large and small business across the world with their online marketing efforts. I have a good understanding of everything online but in the past few years have been focusing my efforts on paid search. The AdWords community has played a large part in growing my own knowledge and I look forward to being able to help other advertisers in the future.

Advertiser since 2003, TC since 2013
Expert in AdWords campaign creation and optimization

Kim Clink
Kim Clinkunbroomer

TC_badge__2012 TC badge TV badge

I have been working with online advertisers since 1999, with AdWords as the primary focus since 2004. My team and I work with paid search strategy to implementation for medium to large sized businesses. My experience has given me the opportunity to work with B2B and B2C advertisers across many different business verticals.

Advertiser since 2006
Expert in AdWords B2B, B2C, Strategy, Analysis, Optimization, account audits and consulting.

Steve Cameron

As an ad agency owner I made the transition into digital space as the markets developed over the past decade or so. My experience in advertising and marketing drives me to focus on business goals and AdWords has become a substantial part of my work over the past few years. I have relied heavily on the incredible knowledge depository that is the AdWords Community and am more than happy to give back a fraction of what I have received.

TC since 2013
Expert in AdWords data analysis

Dave Davis

I've been managing AdWords accounts from small to the mind bogglingly large since 2006. I was fascinated with the almost real time ability to see results of changes to all sorts of variables and how they impacted revenue and conversions. I now enjoy using GTM, the combined power of Google Analytics and Google AdWords to help clients seriously increase the speed in which they grow their business. The AdWords community has played a massive role in keeping me up to date with the constantly changing and exciting world of paid search.

TC since 2013
Expert in paid search management and Google Analytics

Nik Parachure

My first love was PHP. When I started working with AdWords I fell in love again especially with Google Analytics and I have been enjoying this threesome with technology and advertisement since last 7 years. AdWords community has played very important part in my evolution as AdWords Professional, while helping others in the community I guess I have gained / learned a lot more than I have managed to give.

TC since 2013
Expert in analytics

Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson

What started as a general interest grew into a career. I have now been managing, creating and optimising Google Merchant Center feeds and accounts since 2008. My experience has seen me carry this process out for customers in US and UK , with over 1,000,000 items being uploaded on their behalves. Over the last two years, I have now taken clientele within AdWords, as a standalone service as well as that of Shopping Campaigns. I enjoy nothing more than learning and helping others in the process. I thrive on new challenges and seeing businesses grow. The experience I have gained through the forums has been incredible and everyday I discover something new, which enables me to assist users further. Feel free to contact me if you so wish.

TC since 2006
Expert in Merchant Center, Shopping

Brian Valentini


I enjoy giving back to a community, whether it's through my participation in the AdWords forum, or through my volunteer work as a Big Brother in the Chicagoland area. In my spare time I am a devoted dad to my 1 year old son. Chasing after him keeps me busy.

TC 2008-2011, 2014
Expert in conversion tracking, campaign optimizations

Neha Gupta

I have been working with Google Adwords since 2010. Though Google Adwords has been my favorite haunt for years, the community was a great surprise that I came across in Feb 2012. It brought me some of the most interesting insights, adding to my knowledge, while prodding me to share my expertise as well.

TC since 2014

Robert Coats

I'm an industry veteran who began running pay per click campaigns back in 1998 prior to Google’s launch of AdWords. I'm the owner of Kinsey Street Online Marketing, a Google AdWords Certified Partner in the Seattle, WA area. I specialize in Google grants and I'm also the former Top Contributor of the Google Grants Help Forum.

TC since 2014
Expert in Google Grants

Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh Kumar

I have been working on PPC and Google AdWords since 2010. Being Google AdWords and Video Certified, I have got chance to work on various verticals (Search, Display, Apps & Video) and industries PPC Campaigns. At last, I would like to say thanks to Google for creating AdWords Community, which promotes peer learning and keeps one updated on latest developments in AdWords.

TC since 2014
Expert in Campaign Management & Optimization and Data Analysis

Milda Prušinskaitė

I'm a Certified Google Trainer since 2012 and a co-founder of Digital Academy in Lithuania, teaching individuals and agencies to work with AdWords and Analytics in different levels. Right now working as a SEM account manager in one of the bigger worldwide agencies - Omnicom Media Group.

Advertiser since 2005. TC since 2014.
Expert in direct response campaigns

Sakis Rizos

I've designed, implemented and optimized many advertising campaigns and worked with various industries. With AdWords you can test, measure, and optimize every part of your campaign. AdWords may not be 100% explainable due to its algorithmic nature, but it surely brings results if it's done strategically. And speaking of algorithms, I've been trying to find out what those AdWords Quality Score "other relevance factors" are since 2007. :)

Advertiser since 2007. TC since 2014
Expert in Google Analytics and strategic marketing

Deepak V
Deepak V

I have been a paid search marketing professional for the past 8 years. I have an extensive experience in managing global and regional paid search campaigns for clients from various business verticals.

TC since 2014

AdWords Top Contributor Alumni


Lakatos Bela

TC_badge__2012 certified_parter_logo certified_parter_logo

Lakatos Bela joined MiNeeds in 2009 and has been running its online marketing since then. Prior to MiNeeds, Lakatos worked for a UK agency for three years running online marketing for several large brands in Europe. He was awarded a Platinum Expert Author award in PPC (Pay-Per-Click) online marketing category by Ezine Articles. Lakatos holds a masters degree in economics. On weekends, Lakatos likes spending his free time at one of the nearby lakes with his wife, swimming, playing cards with friends and taking long walks with his pet animal, an apricot miniature poodle.

Advertiser since 2006, TC 2008-2014
Expert in campaign optimizations

RBall Richard Ball

certified_parter_logo certified_parter_logo

I try to answer questions from an advertiser's perspective, which does not always align with how a Google employee might answer a question. I also enjoy learning from other members in the forum.

Advertiser since 2002, TC 2006-2011
Expert in campaign creation and optimization


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